Dr. Robyne Chutkan says the USDA food pyramid is misleading and will make you fat.  If so, what should we be eating to control that ever-expanding mid-section.  Dr Chutkan sits down with Roland Martin of NewsOne Now to explain.  Click here for More.

Despite decades of medical research and public campaigns to ease the problem, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. One of…

It’s troubling news for all Women, however Black Women are most at risk. Take a moment to understand more about the trouble with your heart. Click here to READ MORE.

February is all about spreading the love and I’m not just talking about Valentine’s Day. February is also American Heart Month, beauties. Every year about…

Here’s an interesting from FOX News, You probably have adopted certain behaviors to help become healthier, but you might also be doing things to hurt your health without even being aware of it. A recent study found that sitting with your legs crossed at the knee can bump up systolic blood pressure by nearly seven-percent […]

Men often don’t want to see the truth when it comes to health issues, but one big lie is killing us. Click here to READ MORE.

Most of us love the taste of popcorn, but at what cost to our health? We’ve learned something about this favorite movie time snack so take note. Click here for More.

We all know that we should exercise but what type of exercise should we do for our hearts. Click to READ MORE.


It may be thrilling when love makes your heart skip a beat, but under any other circumstance that may not be a good thing. Sudden…

  New research finds a link between people who suffer from insomnia and heart failure.  For their study, researchers followed over 54-thousand people of various ages over the course of 11-years and noted whether they suffered from the three main symptoms of insomnia: trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or not feeling refreshed in the morning. […]


Annabelle Volgman says too many women feel ignored or dismissed by their doctors and the need for a place where they felt they could be…

I know being single can be hard for some people so why don’t you make this a day of giving.. here are some more Tips