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MYHOUSTONMAJIC.com – Former news anchor and current talk show host Katie Couric has a new talk show  on ABC simply titled ‘Katie’ and some of the upcoming topics are incredibly eye opening as she is reaching out to different cultures.  Black women definitely being one of them.

She was interviewed by Tom Joyner and he outright asked her about one her upcoming topics.

In the weeks ahead, Katie will have talk show host Wendy Williams on the show talking about the most popular subjects amongst black women, ‘hair’.

Wendy will reveal secrets about her hair and why she wears wigs and they’ll talk about why black women are linked to the obesity crisis because of their hair.

Out of all the newest day time talk shows, Katie’s show has the highest ratings by far. Check your local listings for showtimes and check out this interview as well..


2 thoughts on “Katie Couric Says Natural Hair Movement Is Linked To Obesity [AUDIO]

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