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My Story by Gwenneth Morgan

I was 27 and thought I had finally succeeded in my long standing goal to find the right person for me, the person I would share my life with.  He was strong, smart and handsome, with a great sense of humor.  He also had what seemed to be uncommon sensitivity and an ability to look at himself objectively, which he seemed to use in an effort to continually improve himself.  We were like peas in a pod, obviously meant to be together.

We were both a little wild.  No matter.  We had already decided that kids were not in our future and I felt sure I could handle the occasional angry outbursts he was prone to.  Hell, I had angry outbursts from time to time.  I had seen my own parents fight like that now and then, that was normal, right?

We had a few scuffles early on, before we were married.  I remember once he came in to the bar where I was working and started an argument with me that certainly could have waited.  There was the times he got really angry because I accidentally locked him out or was late coming home from an office job (I had stopped for an innocent drink with a female co-worker.) And once, we got really drunk and almost came to blows in a bar (our friends had intervened with no injuries inflicted.) These incidents were spread out over months and seemed like isolated events. In retrospect, I wish I had taken warning and avoided one of the bigger mistakes in my life.

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