By now most people know Kevin Hart’s hilarious style of comedy.

He’s a great storyteller with all the perfect punch lines, the voices, and the extras. The comic is on top of his game right now with additional big screen gigs as well as growing popularity.Recently he wrapped up filming for yet another flick, “About Last Night,” a remake of the 1986 original about two single men living wild lives until love catches hold.The film stars Regina Hall, Michael Ealy, and Joy Bryant; and Hart admits he gets to play a different role this time around.

“Being a comedian, I’m very clean cut in the roles that I’ve had thus far. This was actually a role that gave me an opportunity to be a little different,” Hart told EW. “I’m filthy, filthy to the point where my language is unacceptable; my opinion is very, I guess you could say, I’m outspoken, but about the wrong topics, … and I have sex in this movie, which is great! I’ve never had sex in a film. And the fact that I’m having sex is going to make me a sex symbol. I see it all. This is a big thing for me. … Ladies, you get to see my side profile!”

Someone out there will appreciate his short build.

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