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It’s settled: Quentin Tarantino thinks he’s black.

The prolific director decided after working on “Django Unchained,” he’s ready to do more enslavement stories.

The movie was a brutal look at the realities people of African decent lived through as America was being built on the backs of slaves. From the blood and harsh images, Tarantino says this piece of American history shouldn’t be sugarcoated; so he’d like to take the reigns and share a few of those stories.  “We all intellectually ‘know’ the brutality and inhumanity of slavery… but after you do the research it’s no longer intellectual any more, no longer just historical record – you feel it in your bones. It makes you angry, and want to do something … I’m here to tell you, that however bad things get in the movie, a lot worse sh*t actually happened,” Tarentino said in an interview with The Guardian.  Through “Django,” the filmmaker wanted to bust wide open the veil in which the institution of slavery has been masked by.  “I’d like to do a couple more, dealing with the same issue: but different story, different characters,” he said.  Yeah, but should he do it? That’s the question.  This Should Be Interesting.

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