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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve got a special place in my heart for Sweet Brown. From the moment I saw her viral should-be tragic news appearance, I knew this woman’s 15 minutes of fame would be the most entertaining 15 minutes of my life. All Sweet Brown did was tell the local news channel about her experience with the fire and bronchitis that “ain’t nobody got time for.” She was thirsty for a “cold pop,” went downstairs to get one to quench said thirst, only to be to surprised by a fire. Say it with me, “Oh, Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!”

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Now that she’s gone beyond fellow YouTube famer, Antoine Dodson, we’re left wondering–what in the world is it that we love so much about Sweet Brown? I’ve got a few ideas:

1. Beyonce Knows Who She Is

Listen, there aren’t many things that can trump Beyonce knowing who you are and doing her best impression of what made you infamous. When Beyonce looked into the camera after the lights went out at the Super Bowl prior to her lighting up the stage and recited that hilariously simple Sweet Brown line, it was safe to assume the entire world realized who she was and ultimately fell in love. Clearly, we love Beyonce, so much like Oprah, anything she touches, turns to gold and we love, by default. Ipso, facto–we love Sweet Brown.

2. She Turned Tragedy Into Triumph

Many of us didn’t even realize that Sweet Brown actually escaped death. People–there was a FIRE in her home. As much as we love laughing at her one -liners, we never realized that she’s a survivor! And now look at her–WINNING!

3. She’s Familiar, Like She’s Related To Us

Even though you could call Sweet Brown a stereotype, there’s just something about her fun and carefree way of making fun of herself that endears her to us. Even when she’s trying to convince us to go the dentist with a visible gold tooth, we still believe her because she’s like that aunt that you know is crazy, but means well.

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