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I saw a petition today on twitter about not supporting a merger between Sterling and Jones High School.  I love my dear Ross Shaw Sterling H. S.  the student spirits there are so high but I have to admit I was sadden  at the sizes of all the extracurricular activity  programs. When I was at Sterling back in the late 80’s I was a drum major and the band number anywhere from 85 to a 125 strong. When I went to the last couple of MLK battle of the bands it was hard for me to believe when I saw band membership for Sterling and Jones at 25 and maybe 40. I know that school is more then just band but looking at that makes me wonder about the school population as a whole. I know some of us have sentimental reason for the merge not to happen but we must think about what’s best for the students.We must remember there are not many new families moving to the South Park area therefore the student population has gone down. I am for the merge only if  HISD come with a strong academic plan  and a good budget for sports and the arts program. South Park what do you think?

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