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“The “Ask Wendy” book, its been doing really well. It came out on Tuesday.  It was a book I wanted to write for many many years, but I had to fid the time.The angle is – I have Wendy watchers from all across the country. Write me your letters, send me your emails, fly a pigeon to the studio. Get in touch with me, do something, and ask me about your serious problems whether it’s about money, family, sex, infidelity regarding sex, weird sex, or your kids.”

No questions were off-limits but Wendy said some even she couldn’t include.

“There was a question in the “In The Sheets,” chapter. A woman was asking about a particular animal she had. You think I would go there, why not? But even I didn’t want to print that particular question.”

Williams says  biggest issues revolve around universal things.

“Money drama,” she says. “People lending money, little bits of money, things like $25 breaking up friendships, not because of the amount of money but because of the principle. And

it is unbelievable that some people are so permissive with their kids. They have to ask a council of people what to do with a 12 year old. What? You own him. Feed him, beat him, beat him good!”

 ”Ask Wendy” is in stores and available for download now.

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