The search for answers continues into what caused the motel fire that resulted in the deaths of four Houston firefighters.

Today, investigators revealed they’re concentrating in the kitchen area of the restaurant.

Treating the fire scene as a criminal investigation, ATF agents and state fire marshalls have joined in the search for answers in the rubble.

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Houston arson investigators are focusing on the kitchen area of the restaurant attached to the the motel.

Arson bureau chief ed arthur says they’re also looking at the section of the roof that fell on the four firefighters killed during the blaze.

“There are a few layers of roof, that is part of the investigation on the load bearing of the structure,” Arthur said. “That may have been a contributing factor but we’re not ready to come forward and state as such.”

Processing the evidence will take a week and a half.

A final report is expected to be released in a month or two.

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