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Dear Mr. Joyner,

I operate a senior activity center that has been in operation for two years.   Daily we have from 15-25 seniors; ranging in age from 60-94 years-old and the majority of them are seriously ill and disabled.  If it were not for our center, many would be home alone without any interaction with others. I believe they deserve as higher quality of life as possible, so i am taking a chance on writing you with this Christmas Wish.

On Fridays, we have movie day and our clients watch TV on a big butt, 15 inch screen. They get bored because it is hard to see and hear.  I would love for them to be able to enjoy the documentaries, movies and information shows we try to bring to them.

It is my Christmas wish to ask you for a large, flat-screen HD television to enrich the movie and tv experience for our elderly.  Please, take a look at my babies on YouTube doing the Harlem shake on 4/1/13 with their YMCA fitness instructor.   It will make your day.


Laura Richardson, executive director of Oakland Park Senior Activity Center

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