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The wife and I was  on vacation last week and we didn’t do much we just relax and chill around the Houston area and hung at some friends house but the one thing I had plan to do is eat well!!! We decide to go and hang out in Galveston for a day, we went by Moody Gardens for a minute and then the huger pains started to hit. My wife wanted some crabs and she suggested The Crab Shack but I was like babe we can get that in Houston. I remember a place called the Cajun Greek the name along kinda makes you wonder because you think to yourself Cajun and Greek food doesn’t mix but some kinda of way they made it work. My wife and I like to share our food so we order the shrimp and fish combo po boy and the platter of mild boil crabs she not a big fan of spicy food and I do remember when I order the spicy crabs years ago it almost burn my face off but the mild was cool and our waitress suggest some Cajun spice on the side. Let’s start with the poor boy, it was fried just the way I like it hard with just the right amount of spice and the sweet but tangy dressing set the taste off but the what really made the po boy out standing was the bread. The bread was so fresh and buttery and they did not skimp on the amount of shrimp and the size of the fish. Let me get to reason why we where there The Crabs !!! Oh My!! first of all when they brought the platter of crabs we just knew we were going to need a carry out but as you can see from the picture below  we didn’t lol. The crabs were so meaty and even though we order the mild it was still a small hint of spice. I took my first crab and broke it open and the steam and the smell hit my nose and then I dip it in the butter and lemon and took my first bite the juice ran down my hand and my wife and I look at each other like we were falling in love all over again and we knew right at that point we had found our new favorite restaurant in Galveston and last but not lest I must give props out to our waitress  Dalia she was amazing . You much check this place out it’s located at 2226 61st street and email me back and let me know how you like it or if you have a place you would like for me to check out hit me back.