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Paula Deen is a sinking ship.  First she lost her Food TV job, then she lost her gig with Smithfield Pork and now she’s lost Creaser’s Entertainment, Wal-Mart, Home Depo, Target, QVC and she even lost her diabetes drug spokeswoman job.  That’s bad when they don’t even want you to represent a disease.  Paula’s multi-million dollar empire is crumbling.  And if she hasn’t already Paula is about to have an N word relapse.  But don’t worry, Paula, you could always be a spokesperson for the Tea Party.

But hold up, wait a minute, Paula has called on the Reverend Jesse Jackson to help her out of this N word mess.  And Jesse said he’s going to help her.  But personally I still have doubts about her sincerity.  Paula, you’re going to have to go ahead and break Jesse off a piece so we know that you’re serious about loving black people.

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was arrested for possession of 100 pounds of illegal fireworks.  The last time Gilbert got in trouble it was for Glocks, nine millimeters and AK47s.  And now he’s busted for sparklers, cherry bombs and Roman candles?  It’s safe to say that all the gangsta in Gilbert is gone.

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