Although you may have never heard of Uncle Reece, you may find his story familiar. 29-year-old Maurice “Uncle Reece” Hicks has seen his fair share of downfall. After years of failing in school, drugs and alcohol, he finally graduated. But with no real plan of moving forward, the rapper was stuck. But after a chance encounter with two individuals who showed him their relationship with Christ, Uncle Reece decided to turn his life around and commit to Christ.

“I always wanted to love God and be a better person, but I never knew that I could do it at my age. I thought I had to be ready to settle down before I grew closer to God,” Uncle Reece says in his bio.

“The desire of my heart has always been to make music that would inspire others to live better lives,” says Uncle Reece. And by the looks of it, he’s on the right path.

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