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From the time he crafted the insta-classic “Where I Wanna Be,” Donell Jones has been among the R&B singers that you loved even if you didn’t  hear as much about him as his more publicity-minded colleagues. A star in the 90’s on the LaFace label with Toni Braxton and TLC, once the decade ended, Jones found himself fighting for attention on his new label, Jive.

With R. Kelly, Usher, Anthony Hamilton and Justin Timberlake already established there, Jones decided to go independent, establishing his own label, Candy Man Music. His new project “Lyrics” is the result of four months of work crafting just the right mix of songs for his fans who’ve remained loyal despite his being out of the spotlight for a minute.

“I’ve just been in the lab, loving life and just had a new baby,” Jones told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. His new “baby” is actually five years old but Jones said this is the first time he’s been fully involved.

“With my other kids, I never had a chance to be there, I was always on the road a lot. This time I’ve had the chance to there throughout all the stages.”

Love, with all its ups and downs is fully explored on “Lyrics.” Jones, who says he’s in love now, has five children, four from a previous relationship and one with his current girlfriend. The Chicago native says he always writes from the heart.

“Most of the songs are about my personal experiences in life. Love is a beautiful thing when it’s working. Oh yeah, definitely. I write whatever I’m going through. It’s just something about those slow records that get the crowd pumped up. A lot of [songwriting] is fact with a lot of fiction. It’s just like writing a movie – some of it’s going to be true, some of it’s going to be fake.”

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