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It’s amazing how a restaurant  can be minutes from your house and you never try it, well that was the case in this restaurant review of RockFish Grill. One Sunday after church my wife and I had no clue what we wanted to eat you know that feeling when it seems like you have eating everything and we were getting close to the house and we still had no clue.  That’s when I said babe remember that place by the house that  always look crowded let’s try that, this place had a great feel  friendly staff and clean which is a A+ in my book. I knew by the name it was seafood but I didn’t know if it was gulf coast or Cajun but after a few second my nose told me I can smell the Cajun creole spices coming from the kitchen and from then I knew it was on. I order the Cajun Pasta it was  pasta with pieces of shrimp, chicken and Andouille  sausage with a Cajun cream sauce pour on top on my first bite I could taste all the great seasoning but nothing too powerful everything was just right and since I’m a conniver I love that they gave generous portion of meat . After eating I told the manager that I was very disappointed she ask why and I told here that I hated that I waited so long to try this great place that was walking distance from my house she laugh and two minutes later she came by with a complementary bread Pudding dripping with hot Bourbon sauce I almost wanted to kiss This place took me back to my visits to New Orleans and I cant wait to go back to  RockFish Grill    to try some of their other dishes  like the Shrimp and grits , the crab stuffed flounder and the Seafood chili  Frito pie. RackFish has two location here in Houston 11805 Westheimer Rd and 5500 FM 1960 RD. W  check this place out and let me know what you think or if you have a place in mind that you want me to try hit me back at         click here for there website