Creole to the core straight from the bayou! Come check out the newest spot in Humble! Pastas, Po Boys Fish and more! and follow them on Instagram @cafe_rian_cajun_cafe! Want your restaurant reviewed by the Bassman? Contact! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ieathouston

With Flavor and Pickles, you get Frickles! Acres Homes has a snack you have to try if you have not already. The only spot to get your own infused flavorful pickle and more! Check them out! (1062 West Little York, Houston TX 77091)  

  Cajun and Soul Food?! Yes they got it! Check out this Southern Style restaurant located 5204 Yale St. Houston, TX 77091! Visit for more and follow them on instagram @EsthersCajun Want your restaurant reviewed by Bassman? Contact! Follow us on instagram @ieathouston and Facebook I Eat Houston!  

The Last Concern Cafe is a place you really have to know about in order to even find, because there is no sign indicating that you have…

  It’s amazing how a restaurant  can be minutes from your house and you never try it, well that was the case in this restaurant review of RockFish Grill. One Sunday after church my wife and I had no clue what we wanted to eat you know that feeling when it seems like you have […]