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Things got heated on the Bethanny Frankel Show.  According to Pulse of Radio,

Reality star Omarosa and Bethenny Frankel faced off on Bethenny’s talk show yesterday afternoon (October 30th). The ladies discussed Bethenny’s 2010 interview with The View, where she got offended when the hosts compared her to Omarosa. Bethanny disagreed and said that she had a “real career”, a brand, a show and two New York Times best-selling books. At the time, Omarosa responded by calling Bethenny’s then husband gay and called her b*tch.

When the topic was bought up on the interview yesterday, Bethenny denied that she said that she had “a real career” and even bet Omarosa $10,000 that she didn’t say that. She ended up losing the bet after her staff pulled up the transcript online.

Check out part 1 of the feud, above and part 2 below.