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The Ride-Or-Die Side Chick

Shawn was the popular, handsome and well-dressed guy at high school and somehow, out of all the girls who dreamed of being on his arm, he noticed me. I was aware of his relationship with Sandra. Maybe it was my immaturity that played a pivotal role in my decision, but it didn’t matter me that had a girlfriend. I never considered her feelings or thought she would even find out.

There was something so intriguing about Shawn, that even if I wanted, I couldn’t surpass his advances. Since we lived close to one another, our romance snowballed into a love affair my heart and body had never before encountered. He was amazing at sex, surely more advanced than my previous two partners and I became addicted to his stroke among everything else he had to offer.

Shawn and I snuck around for months. I no longer had control of my sweet spot, it belonged to him. He locked it down and kept the key nestled in his pocket so no one else could have it. If I dare mess with someone else, he’d unleash a verbal lashing that brought me back to reality–”No one knows how to f**k like me,” he’d confidently say, and it was no short of the truth. But that was all apart of what made him so intriguing. He was passionate and in control and I loved it.

I’d suffer occasional snickers from Sandra in the hallways. She was aware that I was sniffing around her man, but I’d never admit to it if she asked, because I knew my place. I was in love with Shawn’s personality, the way he kept me laughing, fluttering in places I could not scratch and infatuated by his stamina, power and sexual superiority. I would never put him in that predicament.

Shawn was good at everything. He was the master manipulator, he juggled Sandra and I like a professional. I was loyal to his rules, never revealing our secret (well besides to my friends. A gal’s gotta have something.) There came a point, that point that every side chick comes to (it happened to Joseline Hernandez and Amina Buddafly), when being second just doesn’t cut it anymore. It wasn’t because one was more deserving of his time, it was because I just didn’t want him with anyone else.

That’s when I began snooping through his stuff, because every little thing tugged at my emotions. Shawn went by a nickname around his hood. I’d see it scribbled on the walls of the apartment complex where he lived. I began noticing the writings on the wall when his nick name appeared in hearts with Kenya’s.

One morning, after our typical AM romp, he fell asleep and I found a Valentine’s Day card on his dresser. Heart beating at illegal speed levels, I mustered enough courage to open it up and peek inside. It was addressed to him, “the man she loved” and had her name signed at the bottom with a date that I believed was their anniversary. Even though I was the other woman, I thought we had a closer bond. I was certain I was working my way up the ladder, boxing out the competition with deadly throws of my elbows. But at that moment I became third in line. I didn’t say anything because I was a wimp for him and scared to walk away from what we had.

Shawn’s new chick held down the “wifey” title at home while Sandra held down the title at school, and there I was playing side chick to both. Then there was Donna, a straggling of a female who too enjoyed sex with me, Sandra and Kenya’s man. She was on to me though, simultaneously stalking me and trying to etch her way in to the drawing. I’d ask Shawn about her and he’d deny it which led me to believe she wasn’t that important. Shawn and Sandra eventually ended their relationship and I just knew it was my time to rise to the forefront, but he had other plans…Stacey–a well dressed chick who perfectly matched his swag. It was a blow to my confidence but Shawn and I were so good when we were together that the memories cradled my soul when I thought of him with other chicks, and I rarely did that because it hurt too much. He and Stacey didn’t last long but Kenya was in it for the long haul–so it seemed. Another straggler had come along, Tina, and she just ate off of whatever leftovers Kenya and I left behind.

Shawn got himself into some serious mess by senior year and was about to serve some time. While we were at one of his court dates (me and his “wifey”), a woman in tacky red knee-high boots sashayed through to the back of the room where she sat patiently. She must be here for Shawn, I thought and I was right. The three of us watched Sean fave the judge and at that moment we all found out about each other.

Have you ever been cheated on? Ever been the woman on the side? And what would you do if your man ever cheated? SOUND OFF in our comment section!

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