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Well, this story is something.  According to ABC News,

Have you ever had an S-T-D? It turns out if you have an STD a public health worker will track down your ex-partners and tell them, for free. Each year 820-thousand Americans are diagnosed with gonorrhea alone, and the government requires each patient diagnosed with an STD to be reported to the CDC, and the Washington Department of Health. If a patient is diagnosed and the doctor indicates that the infected patient’s sex partners were not treated there are actually public health workers to find and treat those individuals, or bring them to the nearest clinic. The health worker is sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal information about the patient, including their identity. One health worker explains, saying, “We make a phone call to the person who was diagnosed and talk to them about any partners they had in the past 60 days prior to treatment and their current sex partners.” (ABC News)

WOW!  I don’t know how to feel about this.  Just make sure you wrap it up every time you think about going skinny dipping.

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