Well, this story is something.  According to ABC News, Have you ever had an S-T-D? It turns out if you have an STD a public health worker will track down your ex-partners and tell them, for free. Each year 820-thousand Americans are diagnosed with gonorrhea alone, and the government requires each patient diagnosed with an […]

My partner and I have been together for seven months, going on eight. We’ve known each other for 3 years. My partner usually spends weekends with a friend, and they play tennis together and have known each other for some time. However, my partner told me the other night that a question was asked as […]

According to the Ap, a longtime songwriting partner of Aretha Franklin has sued her publishing company, claiming it did not sign a royalty agreement for a song on her recently released album. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/entertainment/blak_music_month/30408