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So, the other evening while talking with a group of girlfriends the topic dating came up, as it always does, and then the horror stories. From Stalking to finding out he’s married or the world biggest criminal, we all had some very interesting tales to tell all in the name of love. When I mentioned that I believe in running background checks on prospects everyone looked at me like I was crazy, returning the look of disbelief I asked WHY NOT?!?! Ladies we are in the information age, let that work in your favor. Matter of fact here is the website you can do it  I mean c’mon ladies, is it really that far fetched? I figure, If I’m going to open up and let you into my life, possibly around MY CHILD at some point I think that’s absolutely fair. So here is the question, would you run a background check on a prospective love interest?

If you want to run one check this site out