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Do you drink bottled water?  Here’s an article from FOX News that may have you thinking differently about bottled water.

A recent German study found that nearly 25-thousand chemicals lurked in a single bottle of water. To find this, researchers tested 18 samples of various commercially sold water bottles from around the globe to see if they interefered with the body’s estrogen and androgen receptors. They were shocked to learn that most of the bottled waters had interference with both kinds of hormone receptors. They also compared tap water and found it did not affect either receptor. For the second part of the experiment reseacher tried to pinpoint which chemicals were the cause of the hormonal interferences and found more than 20-thousand different chemicals in the bottled water. Researchers say your best bet is to carry around a refillable water bottle and just drink tap water. (Fox)

We say take heed to the last sentence in that story.