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Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan is the country’s first black female pediatric surgeon. She currently serves as an Associate Professor at two major Texas hospitals.  A graduate of Dartmouth College and Medical School, Dr. Hayes-Jordan extended her education an additional two years so that she could become one of the few pediatric surgical oncologists in the country. she dedicated her life to finding cures for some of the rarest types of cancers in children. Dr. Hayes-Jordan completed her Pediatric Surgery Training in 2002 at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

The good Doctor became the first surgeon in North America to successfully conduct the adult surgery, hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion (CHPP) on a pediatric patient with tumors that had spread to the abdomen. After she extracted a number of tumors, she ran heated chemotherapy agents through the child’s abdominal area to kill any remaining tumor cells she could not reach on her own. She has increased the number of months and years a child stricken with the disease could live.

“The kids are my inspiration. Each time I interact with them, I’m renewed with energy to continue working towards a cure,” says Hayes-Jordan. “I also have an extremely supportive husband and family at home.” – Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, University of Texas MD Cancer Center

Note: This fact was respectfully submitted by Chastity Moore, the Doctor’s Clinical Research coordinator at M-D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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