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MYHOUSTONMAJIC.comBrandon “B” Howard, son of 80’s R&B singer Miki Howard has come forward claiming that he is the “secret son” of King of Pop icon, the late Michael Jackson.

When we first heard the story, we weren’t surprised by the claims because this has been a bit of an urban legend in the industry for years. Rumor has it that Brandon also was accepted into the Jackson family by many of his “would-be” cousins such as the members of pop group TG3 and even his alleged uncles Tito, Jackie and Marlon and Jermaine Jackson (photos in below gallery).

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Now why has it been a secret for so long? Well according to sources, during the time Jackson and Howard (who was also being managed by Joe Jackson at the time) were romantically involved, Brandon was conceived while Jackson was at the peak of his solo success. It was decided that this news would be devastating to his career and was never spoken of again – until now.

Although Brandon grew up in hiding, the 31-year-old has recently been spotted online with videos and photos promoting his music career and from the looks of it, this guy displays a striking similarity to Michael Jackson, from his mannerisms and even with his dance moves!

No word on why he has decided to come out after all this time, but TMZ spoke with the Jackson estate lawyer and they allege that they have “never heard of him”.

Check out Brandon’s video “Dance Floor” to see the unconfirmed evidence that this kid may be in fact, a Jackson.

Then take the poll and let us know if you think he is really Michael Jackson’s secret son!

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Is this Michael Jackson’s Secret Son?
michael jackson secret son
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