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Comedian Eddie Griffin has done his last show on the road. But that doesn’t meant you can’t still see him do standup. For the last 3 years, Griffin has been in residence at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

If you’re in town, you can see the entire ‘Eddie Griffin Experience,’ which Griffin promises to be a good time. He stays on stage for a few hours each night, Monday through Saturday.

“When they mess around and put that mic, in my hand I don’t like giving it back,” he says.

After almost 30 years on the road, the 45-yearf-old Kansas City native is ready to hang up the comedy circuit. Add that to the fact that he doesn’t drive and a Vegas residency is the best way to go.

“I got drive, I just can’t drive,” Griffin says. “Something about cars and me – it’s always a problem. I tell jokes. I’m not a race car driver. I wouldn’t get in the car if I was behind the wheel. I’ve got to keep making money so I can pay the limo driver. That way I stay out of trouble.”

After three marriages and nine children, Griffin will likely run out of material. Not to mention, there are all the crazy things going on around the world at any given moment.

“The show is never the same because we have such a great Congress and a plethora of nuts around the world.,” Griffin says. “There’s always new material. Right now they can’t find an entire plane. We’ve all got phones; they’re basically a tracking device. So if they can find me through GPS, you can’t find 300 people that had phones on a plane?

When you get on a plane the stewardess say if we happen to land in the water your seat will float. You mean no one followed the instructions and took a seat? Something is not smelling right about that particular situation. There was one person who was on that flight – the CEO of IBM. (Editor’s note: An American IBM executive was on the plane, not the CEO).

“I’m sure he has more information than Mr. Wikilieaks so you know they wanted him. They done messed up somebody’s UFO and the Iranians got pissed and just zapped ‘em off.”

To find info and tickets for Griffin’s Las Vegas show at the Hotel Rio, click here.

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