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04/23/14 –

Dear Tom,

I am writing for a unique Christmas wish for my 3 year-old daughter, Alayah and our family.  Alayah loves to be in the water— always splashing around like a mermaid in the bathtub and she enjoys going to the beach to get her toes wet by the water’s edge.

My baby’s favorite film is The Little Mermaid and she wants to swim like Ariel.   Unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim and neither does my seventeen year- old daughter or my fourteen year-old son. In fact, to tell you the truth —I’m actually petrified of the water at times. I know this is odd being born and raised in Miami, but my mom never taught me to swim and sadly, I have continued the same path.

Tom, my Christmas wish is to ask for swimming lessons for Alayah and if possible the rest of my family.  I have found a program that teaches you to swim and shows you how to handle critical situations in the water, however, I am a single mom and this just isn’t in my budget.  My biggest fear is that one of my children will fall in a body of water and not be able to reach safety, so I’m turning to you to prevent this from happening to my family.

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