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I decided to share this story with everyone because I came across it during a very selfish moment in my life where I had just finished complaining about something which at the time seemed so important to me. Until I saw this. Sometimes you have to see just how hard life can really be before you start to appreciate your own. It is my hope that you are reading this right after you have decided that you are having a bad day and that things could not possibly get any worse for you. I hope you’re reading this after complaining about not getting enough of what ever trivial material thing you think you don’t have enough of. After you think about that now, read about some one who is really suffering.

27 Year old Meriam Ibrahim was already pregnant with her second child when she was turned into prison BY HER OWN FAMILY MEMBERS and sentenced to death for marrying a Christian man from the US and denouncing Islam though she has proof that she was raised Christian by her mother after her father died. This week the mother gave birth to a little girl 5 days early in jail while being shackled at the feet lying on the ground with NO Medication and her 18 month old son in jail with her. Her sentence is to be carried out after she finishes weening the baby off breast. Her punishment is 100 lashes, torturing, and hanging. Through it all SHE STILL REFUSES TO DENOUNCE CHRISTIANITY.


Prayer Warriors Stand Up and Lift Meriam up in Prayer.