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diallos biker sundays

For the last four years on Sunday afternoons, bikers and patrons have gathered at local neighborhood hotspot, Diallos of Houston on 3338 Dixie Drive for relaxation, camaraderie, and a good time. Doctors, lawyers, business owners, wives, mothers, fathers , even pastors, all who enjoy motorcycles and its culture. I myself am a biker and spend many of my Sunday afternoons riding over to Diallos with a group of my female biker friends. For the most part each Sunday goes off without a hitch and without incident from the hours of 6pm until about 12am. However, recently complaints have been made about the noise produced by the motorcycles as they come and go, citing that neighborhood residents can hear loud music, revving engines, load pipes and screeching tires well into the wee hours of the morning as cars cruise the Dixie strip that includes 3 bars. It has been not been my experience that this takes place to the extent described, however lately, many bikers and cars are receiving tickets for load noise in an almost harassing fashion. I have been told that the main complaint which sparked a report by a KPRC news reporter, came from a person who does not live in the neighborhood but may have a business interest in the area. KPRC Investigative reporter Bill Spencer spoke with Lila Roberts, owner of Diallos who states that patrons who frequent her establishment obey all laws and rules, but that she cannot control what people do when they leave her property.  Click here to read more.