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The good thing about living in the future as we do these days is that we rarely have time to get bored with a piece of technology before a bigger, flashier version hits the scene.  When it comes to the world of third-party messenger apps, there are more than a few to choose from, but the natural progression of the messenger app has now brought us LokLok.


(Credit: Google Play)

LokLok is an experimentation in mobile messaging for for Android which replaces the phone’s lock screen with a synchronized whiteboard of sorts that allows you to leave notes and drawings on your friend’s lock screen.  Unlike traditional messaging apps, LokLok lets you drop a line and chat with your friends without having to unlock the phone.  It’s as simple as pulling out your phone and drawing a picture.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the app is the fact that it’s not only launching on Android first, but it’s the sort of app that could only be possible with and Android.  That’s because Apple restricts apps from replacing core functions of the iOS.

This is a great app for kids, teens, or anyone with a playful, artistic side.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE and stopping by the Google Play store.

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