This is nice.  According to Newser,  It’s called ‘TBH’– which is short for “to be honest”– and it shot up to number one on the free app list in Apple’s App Store upon its release. It works by letting users send anonymous compliments to their friends and contacts, and it only allows positive messages. The […]

Instagram is really becoming the second Snapchat. According to Buzzfeed, Yesterday (May 16th), a blog post by the app explained they added “face filters,” which look an awful lot like Snapchat’s filters. Additionally, the app added tools that let you post a video in reverse (“Rewind”.) Instagram users can also now add hashtag stickers to […]

It’s very popular to have games on your smartphone or tablet, and new research shows one is more than just entertaining. According to The Daily Mail, University of Washington scientists were specifically looking at a piece of technology called Project EVO, which is a game played on a tablet that is designed to improve neurological […]

A Chicago tech entrepreneur is set to launch a yelp-like app which surveys interactions with the police.

The gold medalist is bringing positivity, empowerment and grace to smartphones across the country.

Tausha Robertson may be a tech newbie, but she is revolutionizing the beauty game with her new app.


A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

If your Android phone is constantly dying you may want to uninstall Facebook. According to The Guardian, A less-than-scientific experiment by Reddit user pbrandes_eth tested the app’s impact on the performance of an LG G4 phone. They found that when Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were uninstalled, other apps on the smartphone launched 15 percent […]


Google Maps is most likely already in your hand or pocket but few make good use of it.  Well, now the ‘Street View’ function lets you go underwater and swim with whales and sharks.  Click here for More.

If you’re diabetic or know someone with diabetes then take a look at these apps that can help you control your condition and improve your health.  Technology has put a lot of information at our finger tips so lets put that mobile phone or tablet to work for us.  Click here for More. 


The global tech giant plans to spend millions to draw more women and people of color to Silicon Valley.  Google has 4 things that the $150 million investment plan is designed to accomplish.  Click here for More.


Google launching a child friendly version of YouTube that will bring a safe content experience for young mobile viewers.  Click here for detail about YouTube Kids App.