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If you could resurrect Walter White, would you?  If you listen to my daily musings on Patrick’s Picks, you’ve no doubt heard my endless praise of Breaking Bad, so of course you know I’d opt to resurrect Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad

(Credit: AMC)

Unfortunately, Walt’s long gone, but the two cops that hauled his body away from his precious meth lab are not.  And it’s that particular duo that a Van Nuys, California-based producer wants to put the focus on to tell the story of aftermath of the fall of Heisenberg.

Lawrence Shepard says his Kickstarter campaign to fund the proposed sequel includes an invitation to Val Kilmer and Slash to fill the roles of the two officers.  But as cool as that might sound, there has been no commitment from Kilmer or Slash, nor has he received the rights to Breaking Bad.

His crowdfunding goal is $500,000 and as of today, July 17, he has 14 days left to go.  Unfortunately for Shepard, the magic just doesn’t appear to be there because his total donations are still only in the triple-digits.

Anything is possible, though, so if you’d like to throw in your two cents (or more if you’re feeling brave,) CLICK HERE and check out the proposed idea for a Breaking Bad sequel.

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