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Ian and blue 2

Meet my God son Ian and his dog Blue. Ian is 7 now and Blue is 8. They have grown up together like two brothers. There has not been not one incident where his parents felt Ian’s life was threatened by Blue. I think the biggest reason Blue is such a playful and tame dog is that the family takes time with him. They make sure he gets plenty of play time and attention just like any dog should. Some people get a pit bull, put him in the back yard and give him food but no human interaction. I had a friend who did just that; he gave his pit food and water only. One day he went out in his back yard to do some work and noticed over half of the siding of his house was torn off by his dog and I told him don’t blame the dog, he’s a pit and they love to play, pull on things and love attention. Click on this link to find some scientific explanations that pit bulls are not vicious by nature.