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A screen shot of the official-looking e-mail that will install malware on an unsuspecting user’s computer

(HOUSTON) — We have a computer malware threat to tell you about.

People have been alerting us saying they’re getting e-mails from what purports to be a legitimate law firm with a link that claims to be information on a court date set up for them.

That link, instead, will install malware on their computers.

Houston Internet attorney Travis Crabtree says the unsolicited nature of the e-mail should throw up a red flag.

“If it’s an e-mail that comes completely out of the blue from a firm or company you haven’t done business with, be suspicious,” Crabtree says.

Crabtree says legitimate subpoenas will never come in an e-mail.

“Any type of service of a lawsuit or a notice for you to show up for court is going to show up either in a certified mailing from the courthouse, or a constable is going to hand-deliver it to you and tell you, like you see in the movies, ‘You’ve been served,’” Crabtree says.

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