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Does Phaedra Parks plan to stand by her man Apollo Nida while he’s in prison for the next eight years? Maybe not!

It’s possible that Phaedra may not be about that ride-or-die life like Apollo was hoping.

There’s chatter that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star might have had a change of heart about keeping her marriage in tact while Apollo is in lockup. Back in April, Phaedra said that she during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” that she wasn’t planning to divorce her husband despite his serious legal problems.

On Thursday, however, reported that a source close to Phaedra said the Southern Belle is now in the process of drafting up some divorce documents. “Phaedra has been patiently waiting for Apollo to begin serving his prison sentence, and will have him served with divorce papers at the correctional facility in Kentucky,” the insider said.

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The unidentified party also alleged that Phaedra was beginning to regret marrying Apollo for a few different reasons.

“There was no way Phaedra was going to put her life on hold for the next decade, awaiting Apollo to be released,” the tipster alleged. “The marriage was a huge mistake, but did give her their beloved kids. There were serious trust issues with Apollo, and Phaedra suspects he has been unfaithful, and has been burning through money. Phaedra has always been the breadwinner, and she began to resent it.”

It’s apparent to the public that something has been off in their relationship since before he was officially sentenced. He’s complained before that she wasn’t present on the day he found out how long he’d be going away. There have also been reports that Apollo’s been partying solo since his sentencing. Just last week, he went AWOL for a day so that he could confront Phaedra. He showed up at their home, demanding to know why she wasn’t putting money on his books.

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Last week’s altercation may have been the tipping point for Phaedra as she supposedly had been fearing for her safety before his latest incarceration. The tipster said that this has “prevented Phaedra from filing for divorce in the past.”

They added, “Having Apollo behind bars gives Phaedra a huge level of comfort and security. It’s sad that it came to this, but Phaedra knows it’s the right thing for her to do.”

For now, reports about this divorce are nothing more than hearsay as neither Phaedra, nor anyone on her team has confirmed her plans to split from Apollo.


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