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Now that Bill Cosby’s career is just about in shambles, some members of the media are wondering how long it will take to target R.Kelly.

About 16 women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them between the 1970s and the mid-2000s. This isn’t new information, but it has gotten much more scrutiny in the age of social media. For years the claims were swept under the rug, but they resurfaced after Hannibal Burres brought them up during his comedy set in Philadelphia last month.

Since then, Bill has canceled some TV appearances, NBC has cancelled his upcoming show, TV Land dropped “The Cosby Show” reruns from its roster and Netflix axed plans for a stand-up special. Put simply his career and reputation have hit the skids

Bill’s not the only famous man to face allegations of sexual abuse. R.Kelly has been hounded by allegations that he prefers underage girls. He did marry Aaliyah at just 16 years old, and he was in legal trouble for a sex tape he made with an underage girl!

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R.Kelly’s allegations were quickly brushed aside as he released a few hit singles that got people moving. It didn’t hurt that tracks, like “Step In The Name of Love,” had been toned down from his usual overtly sexual vibe.

In the wake of Bill’s resurfaced allegations, thought this would also be the perfect time to toss R.Kelly’s name out as the next star to be held accountable for multiple inappropriate trysts. The website also questioned when Terrence Howard would feel the backlash for his accusations of violence against women.

We noticed, however, that what they did not ask about when Woody Allen would be collectively shunned by Hollywood. He’s faced sexual abuse charges involving minors just like R.Kelly, but he is largely defended in society as an artist. When Dylan Farrow wrote an open letter detailing how he’d molested her at the age of 7, Hollywood heavy hitters couldn’t jump to his defense fast enough. Barbara Walters even spoke out about it on “The View,” which is supposed to be all about listening to women and empowering them!

Out of all the people who Slate is getting up in arms we notice that the common thread here is that all of the men are Black. This leaves us to wonder exactly why it is that Woody has not face the same line of questioning and public criticism.


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