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I’ve always admired beauty vlogger, Meechy Monroe. She started blogging in 2010 and has managed to turn what most call a hobby into a lucrative business that has her traveling the world to talk about her natural hair story. But recently, that story took a drastic change that she could have never expected.

I sat and admired Meechy’s pictures for hours this morning. I read her blog post over and over again. Then I watched a tearful yet fearless video that she posted on her Youtube channel. The flood gates opened, I cried uncontrollably. Instagram is literally going bonkers, and rightfully so, surrounding the hashtag #GetWellMeechy. After being absent from her blog and social media for months, Meechy announced that she had been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

It all started with a mysterious life-changing stroke which led to two brain surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy. This also left Meechy with Aphasia, a disturbance of the delivery of language not linked to a loss of intelligence.

But what happens next is selfless, courageous and speaks volumes to the meaning of humanity.


Putting aside her own needs and feelings, she managed to think about the millions of other individuals plagued with cancer. Meechy carefully shaved her gorgeous tresses, which made her a popular Youtube sensation, and donated them to “Locks Of Love.”

Most of us never think we could ever survive an unthinkable experience like Meechy’s. We assume that we’re never strong enough to go through something like this. But if you’re like me and you believe in the power of human connection than you know we are all capable of the unthinkable with the helping hands of our friends, family, and even strangers. Even from afar we can all support Meechy and let her and her family know that she is not alone.

So, how can you help Meechy:


#TeamBeautiful sends our well wishes to the Monroe family.

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