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Although this story is a few years old now, reading it today almost made me cry. The story is about a cook and a janitor, who stuck it out (without pay) when an assisted living home in California went under.

It’s sort of the most unlikely thing you could have ever imagined that 1) An assisted living facility would up and just abandon over 16 elderly folks with no one to care for them and 2) That two young men would be the ones who stepped up with care and concern and who would take on responsibility for elderly- non related. But it is indeed what happened in this case. And we commend the two gentleman for it.

According to, cook Maurice Rowland, and janitor Miguel Alvarez we’re recalled as saying,” If we left, they wouldn’t have nobody,” 34-year-old Alvarez said. “We were just the cook and the janitor.” The team spent several days providing round-the-clock care for elderly patients, doling out medication, bathing, feeding, and looking after them. “I just couldn’t see myself going home,” said Rowland. “If We Left, They Wouldn’t Have Nobody.”

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