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In 2014, roughly 80,500 unemployed and low-income Texans and their families were receiving cash assistance or other benefits at any given time, with total payouts exceeding $5 million a month. But apparently, that privilege has been abused with substance and/or drug use and Texas is looking to put a stop to it. ” Taxpayer dollars should not be used to support a person’s drug habit.” said one State Representative. “We need to ensure this program is putting individuals on a true path to self-sufficiency, and drugs are a barrier to independence.”

ABC 13 reports that the Texas Senate has passed a bill to drug test some welfare applicants and cut off drug users from receiving money. What does this mean? Basically that if you receive any governmental assistance such as money for food, clothing or housing or basic needs (TANF, Lonestar etc.), you better not fail a drug test!


The bill was passed as a way to deter welfare recipients from squandering taxpayer dollars on non-necessities such as drugs, alcohol etc. (this is includes marijuana – as it is not yet legal to smoke weed, pot, ganja or whatever you would like to call it- in Texas).

This could affect plenty of ‘cousins’ who find comfort or use substances as a coping mechanism for daily depression i.e. as an escape from their current reality.

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