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The search for Relisha Rudd continues more than a year after she first went missing.

Family members and volunteers have not given up hope that they may find the missing girl alive and well, WJLA reports. The 8-year-old was last seen with a man named Khalil Tatum at a hotel in Washington D.C. on March 1, 2014. He served as a janitor at the homeless shelter where she stayed with her family.

Relisha’s mother would often let the girl stay with Khalil to get her away from the facility. He wound up killing himself after Relisha’s disappearance, but he left no evidence as to her whereabouts.

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It’s been a while since anyone has heard any progress on the case, leading many to wonder why she’s still missing. The case certainly has not been national news in the way that other instances of missing children have.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser marked the anniversary of Relisha’s disappearance this year by trying to bring this story back to the public eye. She met with members of the Metropolitan Police Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the FBI in an attempt to give the story more attention.

Anyone with information leading to Relisha’s return could be rewarded up to $25,000.


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