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Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v New England Patriots

Source: Jared Wickerham / Getty


Football enthusiast will love this. According to,

The NFL owners want to make changes to the extra point after a touchdown to make it more exciting for viewers, and it looks like there’ll be something done for the 2015 season. A decision on any changes will likely be made in May, at the next major meetings, since there were so many suggestions at the ones held this week that owners put off any decisions. Among the possible extra point changes are: moving the line of scrimmage back for the kicks; placing the ball on the 1 1/2-yard line for a 2-point conversion; eliminating the kicks entirely and requiring teams to run a play from scrimmage; and allowing the defense to score if the ball is turned over on a two-point try.

That sounds like that would be a very interesting new dynamic to the game if that happens.

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