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Dear Tom,

My mom retired 19 years ago – she worked in patient care as a Respiratory Practitioner at the hospital – which is why the hardest thing she went through, was losing her son to a fatal asthma attack in 2008.  He left his wife with 3 children, but my mom loves to step in to help her daughter in-law.

She is an outstanding role model, a community leader and activist.  She helped raise funds for the boys & girls club for 20 years, but she is currently an Advisor for the Saint Louis branch of the NAACP Youth & College Division.

She makes it her goal to educate children on staying off of the streets, while teaching black history and stressing the importance of an education.  My twin brother Brandon and I both have scholarships – I am studying Bio-Chem Pre-Med at St. Louis University and he is majoring in chemical engineering at Webster University.

A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer but it was detected early enough to have the cancerous tumor removed.  Since then, 5 senior family members were diagnosed with cancer.  My mom used her experience as a medical practitioner to help them transition with dignity.

This past weekend, she gathered some volunteers to canvass Ferguson to increase awareness about voter registration and self-empowerment.  She is too much – and i just love her for everything she does.  Please recognize her as a Thursday Morning Mom.  I don’t know what she wants or needs because she has everything she needs but a spa day is always good

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