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On Friday, March 6, unarmed, 19-year-old Antonio “Tony” Terrell Robinson was followed and killed in front of his home by cop Matt Kenny in his hometown of Madison, WI. The senseless act of violence incited outrage and #BlackLivesMatter protests across the city. This week, almost a month to the date of Robinson’s death, his roommate Anthony M. Limon was been given an eviction notice from his landlord Ray A. Peterson to leave the premises in five days, or pay the three-days late monthly rent and cover the $1,192.15 cost of the “bio-hazard cleanup” in front of the apartment complex. The “bio-hazard” that Peterson is referring is the blood shed by Robinson when he was killed by Kenny.

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The eviction letter was addressed to Limon, and his mother Tamara Herrera (who name is on the lease. Robinson’s was not) and has alarmed many that are aware of it due to Peterson’s apparent insensitivity. The story was first broken by Wisconsin radio station Devil’s Advocate. The on-air personalities revealed that based off the tragedy, Limon had suffered emotionally from the loss and at times couldn’t go to work as planned and had fallen behind in income.

Peterson has stated that he believes the notice and cleaning bill are fair (“Yes, I do think $1192.15 for bio-hazard clean-up is an appropriate legal charge”) and that by not doing so, the matter would transpire as a case of “[giving] special privileges, it could be a real discrimination problem. In order to stay in business we have to treat the laws equally and all lessees equally.”

Also, through his spare comments, he only mildly acknowledged how the blood on his property got there in the first place. In commentating on Robinson’s death he simply said “We certainly feel bad about it.”

Limon was planning to move from the apartment in the near future anyhow, so whether he’ll absolutely have to pay the bill is up in the air. But from his perspective, we can only imagine that Peterson’s complete disregard and semi-threat towards them only further adds to the sadness of his current situation since his friend was unjustifiably killed in the home they lived in.


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