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Soledad O’Brien appeared on Melissa Harris Perry’s show on MSNBC and they tackled inequality in the workplace, Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, Eric Harris and Walter Scott among other pertinent topics. O’Brien participated in several panels, but it was her voice on behalf of HB Studio’s Women On Top that made us proud!

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In a one-on-one interview, O’Brien described her involvement with Women on Top and included a brief clip from the mini-documentary. You never know how the work you do will impact the world, but you hope it does. Such was the case with our first documentary. We’re glad the conversation around women and their power is resonating with the world. We’re a champion for women and anytime we can life them up, we do.

Over the course of three years, we sat with some of the top women in entertainment–Tia Mowry, Beverly Johnson, Soledad O’Brien, Jody Watley and Eve–just to name drop a couple and we dug deep, asking them about their definition of power, how they use their power and what it’s like to be a powerful woman and their answers not only stuck to our ribs, but they resonated in a way that heavily impacted the dialogue between women in the workplace. Check out the full documentary above.

Check out the episode of the Melissa Harris Perry Show with Soledad O’Brien!


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