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Get On Up Screening With Interviews From Chadwick Boseman and Director Tate Taylor

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Chadwick Boseman hot off his successful role as James Brown, in ‘Get On Up,’ is one of the most sought after actors today will be in the next installment of Marvel’s Captain America series is going to have a major Black Panther moment as it introduces a new character! I can’t wait Black Panther will make his grand entrance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ which is coming out next May, according to sources. Chadwick will be taking the role of the African King/ superhero, who reigns over a city rich in priceless metal called Vibranium. If you haven’t seen ‘Avengers: Age Of Ulton” like me, be aware there will be a spoiler ahead. I’m going to see ‘Avengers 2, this weekend,I’m taking my daughter and grandsons to see it for mothers day.

By, Sonya Eskridge,

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