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Dear Tom,

I believe my father deserves to be selected to be a real father winner because he is amazing.  After my parents divorced my father raised me and my sister.  From adolescence to womanhood he taught us everything. He has always has been there for us in every way.

However, that is both a blessing and a curse because I have recently fallen upon very difficult times which ultimately led to homelessness.

My father has given to me and my children to help us live day to day.  Even though his home is too small to house us, he’s paying for us to reside in a motel until I catch up and reestablish myself. This great gift has exhausted his savings.  He has never complained—not once. But I know it’s taxing him.

My father is from Montgomery, al.  I know it may not seem like much but he really loves to travel home to reminisce and more importantly visit his parents’ grave.

Because of my current problems he has spent the money he would have used to cover gas to drive and have accommodations.  I am desperate to find a way to surprise him with this.  He loves his parents dearly and says that the only thing he wanted to do was visit them. Tom can you please help me make his dream come true?

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