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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turns 25 today! The iconic sitcom’s first episode aired on September 10, back in 1990, on NBC. The cast and crew had no idea that the show would become as much of a hit as it has, and bam! The show also served as the platformed that really showcased Will Smith’s acting chops.

In honor of the show’s anniversary, take a peek at some of our favorite moments:

Jump on It!

Remember that time Will and Carlton lost all their money gambling, so they decided to entered a dance competition with the prize of $10 000? If you watch this scene and don’t laugh, you have no soul.

Will’s Infamous Fighting Lessons

Ashley turned to her big cousin Will when she was getting bullied at school, and the results were definitely on the goofy side.

Will Feels Abandoned

This was definitely a sadder moment, but Will acted his butt off in this scene where he was lamenting his absentee father ditching him once again.

Any Time Jazzy Jeff Gets Thrown Out


Carlton Gets A Gun

This was another serious moment where Carlton got a gun for protection after Will got shot during a robbery. Will tried to talk some sense into Carlton from his hospital bed. Message!

What are some of your favorite Fresh Prince of Bel-Air moments?


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