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Legendary crooner Howard Hewett is performing at the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the infamous rift between he and Jody Watley and their hit group Shalamar.

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Who owns the name Shalamar?

“Right now the whole thing is in dispute. Jody went to go apply for the name, but she did it illegally. Dick Griffey passed it on to Carolyn.”

Could they still work together today?

“We don’t have to like each other to make money. The only thing I have to do is, I have to trust you. That would be a great thing. To sit down and to talk face to face. You can’t be mad all these years. It’s been over 30 years.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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(Photo Source: Howard Hewitt Instagram)

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One thought on “Howard Hewett Talks Rift With Jody Watley, Possible Shalamar Reunion?

  1. Ryan Ralley on said:

    After reading this interview I’m mystified by the words of Howard Hewett who sold out his Shalamar members over 30 years ago and he wish to speak on “Trust” when there’s many documented emails floating around that can rebuttal his statement. Maybe if he had been more trustworthy not to just his first wife (since he was cheating on)but others that followed. What reason does he think Jody is “Mad” with him about? She was never fired or ousted from Shalamar, she voluntarily left the group never once regretting her decision won a Grammy on her first album bebut, multiple MTV, VH1 awards and nominations, top number one music video, major television press, gracing covers and layout for magazines such as Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, the first woman of color to have (number 1) million seller workout video, the first woman of color to be the feature of a major Japanese magazine and billboards for ‘Spurs’ in Japan, sing for two international kings and queens, not one, but two United States of America Presidents (Daddy Bush and Jimmy Carter) a senator Hillary Clinton- at all three dignitaries request, business woman, the CEO of her own company Avid Music Inc, Trademark owner of the Shalamar name which brings me to this…how could Watley illegally register a name that was NEVER registered for ownership? All members of Shalamar, past or current had the same option as Watley but failed to be upon their business acumen when it came to tying all the loose ends. If Howard wish to speak on illegal acts he (of course would never do) talk of how the Griffey lineup continue to use Watleys images but deletes her name from the picture, adding Griffey’s name to the picture portraying her to be Watley to the U.K. audience or using old videos clips.This is called Bait & Switch which is illegal and carries a prison term if followed up by the victim….in other words IDENTITY THEFT! It’s impossible to have anger or a squabble with someone you have no contact and Jody seem to run in a total opposite circle as Hewett. People, please do the math!

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