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Kirk Franklin

Source: Getty Images/Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

Our friends over at EEW Online shared an inspiring story today about Kirk Franklin!

On Sunday, Dec. 20, the “Wanna Be Happy?” composer gave away Visa gift cards worth fifty dollars to holiday shoppers.

While in town for Evangel Cathedral’s annual Christmas Celebration, Franklin’s original plan was to purchase and distribute sixty free copies of his latest chart-topping ‘Losing My Religion’ CD and also buy gifts, and groceries.Once discovering the albums were not in stock, however, he altered his plans in favor of an impromptu gift card giveaway.

Kirk Announced over the megaphone:

‘Excuse me, ladies and gentleman, y’all might not want to leave. I got a blessing for a lot of people and I feel like being in the giving mood, I feel like blessing some people this holiday season, so if you are in line and if you’re about to spend some money, you’re about to get a little bit of a blessing, because I feel like blessing some folk.’

Franklin chose military veterans, a home-schooler, teachers, a Walmart employee, single mothers and some random individuals as recipients of his generosity. There were no shortage of appreciative smiles, cheers and laughter throughout the process.

Read the rest of the inspiring story here.

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