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Judge Verda Colvin of Bibb County, Georgia brought a room full of at-risk teenagers to tears after telling them, “Stop acting like you’re trash.”

The judge talked to the teenagers about what would happen if they continue to break the law. She also reminded them they mattered, urging them to make the most of their future.

During her heart-felt speech, Judge Colvin showed the wayward teens a body bag and said, “You can have the ultimate experience — you can be in this body bag. And the only way somebody will know you’re in here is this tag with your name on it.”

She then asked them, “What do you wanna do?”

The speech was part of Bibb County Sheriff’s Department’s “Consider the Consequences” program, meant to help at-risk youth get back on the right path.

Watch Roland Martin discuss Judge Verda Colvin’s tough love in the video clip above.

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