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For women who need help finding the best beauty pros in their area, word of mouth is crucial, especially for women who have moved to a new town or are on a business trip. And now thanks to Dr. Tausha Robertson, there is a better way you make a trusted decision on how to trust your mane and nails with.

“I rely heavily on apps to help find the things I need in different cities and it worked well for most things. However, it never translated as an easy way to find personal services like beauty pros. Those always came from my network of friends around the country. I often vented to other professional women that the worst part of moving is finding a new ‘glam squad.’ The trial and error process is risky. A wrong move with a hairdresser could be devastating,” she recently told

Enter Primpii, the first beauty-sharing app that creates a community of clients and professionals. Oh and did we mention it was free?

Here’s how it works: Logging in with your Facebook profile, Primpii uses social media to connect with your friends, acquaintances and beauty pros to help you find the best places to go to get your hair, nails and make-up done. It also encourages beauty pros to have their clients leave reviews to help users get a better understanding of what the salons have to offer. Users can also get VIP deals and discounts using the app and  see in that moment if there are any open seats at the salon.

Pretty dope.

The first-time app designer said she had an idea in her head, but it wasn’t until she went to South By Southwest (SXSW)  in 2015 did it all solidify. “I had a basic website up that said ‘coming soon.’ I knew I was going to do it, but I have not had my tipping point moment until South By,” she recently told NBC News

Robertson added, “In an instant I went into, ‘I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it big.’ I went, spent time, got questions answered, and [received input on] app tweaks.”

Robertson, who launched this app with her own money, admits that she is new to the tech game and creating this app took a while, but it was all good, because patience is a good thing.

“We spent a lot of time trying to develop an app that would be top notch. Nothing you see today looked the same as when it came out. I wanted a polished representation when it hit the market, she said to NBC. 

Her hard work and innovation seems to be paying off. Robertson was recently honored as part of the MVMT50 Experience at SXSW as one of the top 10 Black innovators of 2016. 

This sounds like an app that plenty of us could benefit from!


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